Poll: New Seedbox Configuration

We are thinking of moving our services to a safe area in Canada where privicy is secure and ftp/local speeds are going to be great compared to what you expericance now. Here is a poll with some potential configurations.

Poll removed

25th Jan 2014
Pricing Updates / server provision times

We have updated a bunch of our dedicated server pricing along with our seedboxs. As a result server deliver times will be between 5-10 business days.

Thanks for your patients

4th Aug 2013
Seedbox Updates

Our seedboxes are now all unlimited bandwidth and have have introducted a new 200Mbit Package from the $25 mark on a very high spec server

31st Jul 2013

For those who wish to discuss on/off topic items can reach us for support on irc.rizon.net #hostingsharedbox

21st Mar 2013
VPS Speed Test

Click Here to do a speed test on our North American VPS

This speed test is hosted on the VPS node with other live VPS for true accuracy in speed. It is currently in Beta

11th Mar 2013

Due to popular demand upon request I can change you over to rutorrent on your seedbox, please file a ticket and it may take 24 hours to change over

8th Feb 2012