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11th May 2020
new 10gbps servers and seedboxes

We are rolling out a new seedbox section to offer up to 10Gps speeds. There are sustainable around 2Gps but can burst beyond.

Details here for seedbox

For dedicated servers please file a ticket with sales and details of what you are looking for.

7th May 2020
Seedbox special

For limited time we are offering affordable gbit speed seedboxes with 1TB disk per user!! First come first serve with short inventory. check it out here 

17th Apr 2020
New Entry Level Server

We have launched a new dedicated server located in Canada. Those needing more disk space than a VPS might offer and a full dedicated experiance. This is an unmanaged server and can be used for project in mind.

See Here

1st Mar 2018
Sites Changes

Our site has changed!!

We are moving to a simplified version of our site for easier maintenance and provide an easier viewing experience. Please browse around and send us a ticket if you need anything!

27th Feb 2018
Site update

Over the next few days we are refreshing our site as well as some price plans.

Stay tuned.

During this time prices are subject to change and update

17th Dec 2015
Android Buildbox Shared Server

We now have a new hidden gem to offer to customers. A shared server for building android.

Please see details here

This is a high end server shared to make it affordable for developers to start making there own apps and roms.


10th Dec 2014
WE HAVE A NEW EMAIL - Save to whitelist

We are migrating away from gmail to our own email address. Please add it to your whitelist


21st Sept 2014
Seedbox News: new starter package and new locations

We have added new location in Canada for seedbox which is 200mbit but burstable to gbit like speeds. The starter package is $10 bucks just enough storage to get you going and increase that ratio while staying secure!

9th Feb 2014
Dedicated Server - New line up

Please check our new server line up bringing you the most valuable hosting in Canada. Not all configurations are available. please inbox us your requrements for a quote.

27th Jan 2014