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Deluge Create torrent - must use Thin Client

This process is pretty easy once you know how to do it, please follow the few steps below,

TIP: If you go from one torrent site to another, you do not need to create a torrent and your wasting about 5min to 45 min of your time. use the same .torrent file, rename it if needed. You only need to create one if you modify any contents.


lets get started, the below is all case sensitive.


1) to to File > create torrent

2) Choose the Remote Path Tab

3) your remote path us /home/user/folder.of.new.torrent ie:   /home/user/tv.show.2012.xvid-HSB

3) Go to options and set private flag

4) click save, and save to /home/user/filename

5) log into FTP and in your home directory you should see the file after a few minutes , if its a large file it can take up to 45 minutes (50plus gigs)



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